Become a successful partner.  Become a Tied Agent.

What is a Tied Agent?

Tied Agent is a person established in a Member State who acts under full and unconditional responsibility for only one investment firm of a Member State.

What services a Tied Agent offers?

  • Receives and transmits orders in relation to the financial instruments of the company.

  • Promotes the investment and/or ancillary services of the Company.

  • Places of financial instruments; and/or provides advice to clients or prospective clients about financial instruments or services of the company.

What are the Requirements?

  • Establish a registered office in a Member State.

  • Have suitable personnel with relevant skills, knowledge and experience.

What partners can benefit?

  • Partnership with a regulated and licensed broker.

  • Access to analysis.

  • All-day support.

  • Transparent processes

If you are interested to become a Tied Agent of the Company and you need further information, please contact us by writing to

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