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The most penetrated markets in the European Union are the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland. But other countries have been approaching them rapidly over the past two years. In virtually all countries of the European Union, interest in cars that are fully or partially powered by an electric motor is growing rapidly.


Sales of plug-in hybrid cars have grown the most so far this year. In the first three quarters, 129.5 percent more of these cars were sold in comparison to the same period of previous year. Most (over 241,000) were sold in Germany, but the largest year-on-year increase occurred in Slovenia (2540 percent).


From January to September 2021, the number of electric and hybrid cars sold in the European Union was about twice as high as in the first three quarters of last year. Germany also had the largest share in these categories.


The boom in electromobility can be explained, according to Wonderinterest Trading Ltd., mainly by the growth on the supply side (taking the use of the less complex construction of an electrically powered vehicle and, currently, the lower demands on scarce components), the gradual introduction of government support for the sale of electric vehicles and the developing charging infrastructure.