The emphasis on the environment is increasingly becoming part of the business itself, not only in the context of its social responsibility but also for reasons of competitiveness. Companies from various sectors of the national economy are aware that operating in harmony with the environment is not in conflict with economic prosperity. In other words, the thesis that what is ecological is not economical is no longer true, and that both areas go hand in hand.

The so-called principles of ESG, i.e. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, penetrate all areas. In other words, it is the application of the principle of ecological and social management of society. In practice, this means that the financial and economic criteria for assessing the investment, development, or expansion of a particular company are extended to include criteria for assessing environmental impact, social responsibility, inclusion, or respect for social values. Today, large banks or investment or pension funds are significant drivers of these changes than governments and international organizations.

TOP 10 "green investments"

In the analysis of the TOP 10 "green investments" prepared by our investment company Wonderinterest Trading Ltd., we have therefore focused on companies that we consider to be pioneering in the market while adhering fundamentally to the principles of ESG and sustainable development.

Green Investments Study