However, with the boom in corporate, social and environmental responsibility (ESG), there has also been an increase in so-called greenwashing, where companies imitate what others are doing just to keep up with them. Naturally, some companies may worry about negative response from their customers, investors or the media if they do not adapt to the times.

In our company, we believe that customers and other stakeholders are sufficiently perceptive and aware of what is happening in society and on the planet. Therefore, we take responsibility seriously in our business.

Yet, how to distinguish true corporate social responsibility from greenwashing? I believe that the dividing line is the core business of the company. The company should face problems affecting its industry and exercise its responsibility where it can have the greatest impact. In our financial business, unlike heavy industry, for example, we can be responsible to the planet by directing our investments. That's why last year we launched Trade Responsibly, a product that focuses on providing clients with analytical information and support specifically for buying securities in industries that help transform the economy towards sustainability.

By directing our investment, it took us only few steps to launch the tree planting project. In the project, trees grow as much as the client invests. Depending on the amount of the deposit, our client not only receives benefits associated with a particular type of trading account, but also supports tree planting. Trees are an effective investment in reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which can help to save the world from climate disaster.

Evrula Papadopoulou CEO Wonderinterest Trading Ltd.